What We Do

Digital Media Production   Distribution   Acquisitions

American United Media (AUM) provides commercial innovative Digital Media, distribution and production by creating entertainment properties with a focus on cross-platform media. AUM also provides acquisitions, financing and management to a host of properties, capturing audience share in areas of media including all digital platforms, film, television, mobile content, and merchandising. AUM partners with Media and Entertainment experts, as well as bold new voices in these areas. We combine talent and business to stay at the forefront of traditional and digital media entertainment in a constantly changing media universe. AUM pre-qualifies media properties using a comprehensive set of selective criteria and guidelines allowing us to create and produce high quality projects

IFA Distribution distributes and acquires motion picture titles, television episodes, and programs directly to retailers, rental kiosks, and pay and free television channels through various digital media platforms Worldwide, directly in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, as well as indirectly to other international markets through its subsidiaries and various third parties.